As millions flock to Zoom (and other services), privacy and security is rightfully a big concern as is common with any popular technology. Luckily there are some steps we can take together to provide you with a secure way to meet virtually:

What You Can Do

Kenosha Public Library staff are evolving our procedures to make sure we are setting up your meetings securely and following best practices as they emerge:

  • Most importantly--we always generate a password for your meetings--most concerns are greatly mitigated by this simple step, and we've got you covered.

  • We encourage you to not publicly post your zoom connection info--it is far better to email the link directly to those interested in or registered for your meeting.

  • Since Zoom is quickly patching their software, make sure the Zoom app you are using stays up to date.

  • Only download the app or patches from Zoom's official site. Never use downloads for your Zoom sessions from a third party site, even if it has zoom somewhere in the name.

What is up to Zoom

A number of Zoom security and privacy vulnerabilities have been hitting the news of late. Thankfully, it appears that Zoom is starting to take these as seriously as the problems warrant. They have been pushing out regular security updates to their app, and have focussed all development resources on resolving the issues. So again, please keep your Zoom app, up to date.